Team7 is a virtual team with a mission focusing on something greater than ourselves. Team7 has two goals:

  1. Raise awareness of rare chromosome disorders
  2. Fuel Jamison’s Journey.

Jamison is the daughter of Power of One Founder/Coach Tim Barrett, and she was born missing part of chromosome 7. Jamison will never be able to take care of herself independently. Tim set up a legal entity called a Special Needs Trust (SNT) and Jamison is the named benefactor. The funds raised through Team7 go directly in the SNT and will allow Jamison to live a quality life.
For a limited time, Tim is offering FREE COACHING* to help you achieve a goal.

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*How it works:

  1. Submit a Team7 request below. Instead of paying Tim for coaching, you obtain pledges from your family and friends in the name of rare chromosome disorders and Jamison.
  2. Once your request is received, Tim will get back to you with a quote of what coaching “would” cost if you didn’t participate as Team7.