What is team7?

Jamison is the daughter of Power of One Founder/Coach Tim Barrett, and she was born missing part of chromosome 7. Jamison will never be able to take care of herself independently. Tim set up a legal entity called a Special Needs Trust (SNT) and Jamison is the named benefactor. The funds raised through Team7 go directly in the SNT and will allow Jamison to live a quality life.

Team7 is made up of people who support Jamison and spread awareness of rare chromosome disorders.

Team7 has two goals:

  1. fundraise for Jamison’s future and
  2. educate on chromosome disorders.

Jamison was born missing part of chromosome 7, meaning she is missing certain genes with specific functions. Specifically, Jamison has verbal apraxia (without words), intellectual and developmental disabilities, and scoliosis.

Chromosome disorders affect every 150-200 children, some more severely than others. Many children have serious and life threatening health conditions. Unlike a “syndrome” like Downs, with predictable patterns of growth and development and life expectations, many chromosome disorders are so rare the child is unique. In these cases, families have no idea what to expect with the future of their child and feel alone without other families dealing with the same/similar conditions such as Down Syndrome.