M1NDfit is a mental strength and conditioning program. The M1NDfit program was developed to enhance an individual’s competency of explicit mental skills and integrate these skills in their pursuits to optimize performance. 

Who has benefited from M1NDfit?

FBI Special Forces, Business Executives, Ironman triathletes from just “finishing” to “top-10” finisher, Health Care Professionals, Boston Marathon Qualifiers, and couch-to-5K athletes. The fact is, everyone can benefit from forging mental toughness and applying it to their own personal situation.

Is M1NDfit for me?

Regardless of who you are, your goals, or your circumstance, everyone can improve their skill and strength in mental toughness. Like other skills, mental strength and competence must be practiced – you must train your “mental muscle”.

Your particular needs to those of the Business Professional or Professional Athlete differ only in degree. Whether you are driving sales, racing 90 mph down a mountain on skis or raising a child to be successful, your ability to optimize your mental game to perform at your best is only different in context.

Dr. Tim Barrett has been applying Psychological Skills Training with his clients for years. Tim is both passionate and committed to the explicit application of mental skills training as the benefits transcend sport or business and improve individuals’ lives. Tim’s program called M1NDfit has helped clients perform at their best. Tim is a Professional Member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. For more information about M1NDfit and how Tim can individualize M1NDfit for you, reach out: tim@poweronecoaching.com