timlpFor over 20 years Tim has been changing lives through teaching or coaching. Tim holds a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in teaching, coaching effectiveness and sport psychology. Tim has been a professor at California State University, the University of Louisville and The Ohio State University. In 2011 Tim created The Power of One Coaching to utilize his knowledge and experience in a way that directly impacts people striving to achieve their goals. Since then, the Power of One has seen amazing success with its athletes.

As an athlete, Tim is a 6-time Ironman Finisher, 3-time Triple T Finisher, One-day STP Finisher, USAT Olympic National Championship Qualifier, and Marathoner.

Sport is a reflection of life, it’s not just crossing a finish line or getting a PR, but also learning perseverance, mental toughness, and dedication to overcome challenges in other parts of your life. Tim has developed a program called “A Powerful Mind” that systematically teaches mental skills. Regardless of your goals, success begins with A Powerful Mind.

This takes a mind-body training balance, which Tim’s athletes have demonstrated through amazing achievements including Ironman and Half Ironman Finishers, Marathoners, and an FBI agent who successfully passed the grueling Special Operations and is now a special forces agent. Training the mind is as important as training the body, and Tim’s Powerful Mind program will take you beyond what you thought was possible.