What is Power of One?

What is your One? When there are 99 reasons to give up on your goals, what is the one reason to keep going?

I am about changing lives, one goal at a time. With a background in Sport Psychology I teach my clients how to successfully create goals and then accomplish them. My style of coaching can best be described as an integrated approach of mind and body, since one doesn’t work without the other.

I teach my clients how to create A Powerful Mind and then apply this mental training to their physical training, maximizing their performance. In fact, integrating mental training has proven to increase athlete’s performance by up to 20%.

Specifically, the Power of One is an individualized and coach-specialized model of coaching. I individualize each athlete’s training program but also take a specialized approach to the teaching/coaching process by tapping into the expertise and specialization of our coaches.

When you become part of the Power Circle, you meet with Coach Tim to discuss the overall program: your goals, abilities, limiters, etc. and how we can most effectively design a program to fit into your life, not the other way around.

Specifically unique to Power of One coach Tim, he approaches your program holistically, taking the mind-body balance into account through his Powerful Mind program. Tim will teach you the “mental game” along with your physical training, to maximize performance and allow you to achieve something beyond what you think is possible.