Your New Year Tide

Tides, the alternating rising and falling of the sea, are incredible to watch from the shore. I recently had the pleasure of running on the beach and one morning, when the tide was out I observed something in the ocean I’ve never seen before.

The first couple mornings I ran after sunrise, and I happily paced myself to the rhythm of the waves crashing on shore as I breathed in fresh, crisp salty air. The sun glimmering across the tiny waves was brilliant.

But the next morning I woke early and was running at daybreak, that moment of first light, but the sun hasn’t beamed across the horizon yet. And something interesting occurred. The tide was out, and I could see a sandbar.

I decided to venture out and run along the sandbar. What it revealed to me was incredible. All these sea creatures living in the sea, usually hidden under the water was now exposed. Now, instead of counting my steps as I ran through sand I was counting sand dollars, crabs, and even sting ray caught in tiny pools of water. The experience was exhilarating.

Seeing all this sea life was amazing, but what the tide really revealed to me was opportunity. If I had not got up early and ran, the tide would not have been out, and all this majestic sea life would have been hidden by the sea. Plus as a runner, the surface of the sandbar was fantastic – I had my fastest pace that day.

Think of the new year as the tide being out, an opportunity for you to do something different. To see a different life. But you need to be up and moving to experience it. Imagine what might be revealed when you do.