The Power of Goal Setting

unnamedOctober: most of us have finished our season, taking a break, and starting to think about goals for next year. But are your goals appropriate? Effective? Aligned with your strengths and limiters? Are your goals specific beyond an outcome-time goal? A critical element of the Powerful Mind program is helping you develop process-focused goals. Read more about a Powerful Mind success story here.

Goals are important because they give direction to the task in front of you. But are all goals created equal? Of course not, but then what makes a goal more effective than another? And are all goals outcome-based goals or are there other types of goals that might be more effective for my situation?

Research on goals demonstrates that setting goals is one of the most robust variables with regards to performance. That is, just by setting an [appropriate] goal you increase your chances of success dramatically.

At the Power of One, your goal becomes my goal. Listening to you describe what you want to achieve is the starting point – the kindling for the fire – and listen to you describe what is in your heart. But to take that kindling and make a roaring fire, I teach you about setting appropriate goals that are appropriate, aligned, specific, measurable, and achievable.

As you reflect on how amazing you want your 2017 season to be, dream big. For a moment, allow yourself to go beyond what you think is possible at the moment. Then, reach to the Power of One and we’ll chart a course and build the fire to get you there.