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Athlete Accomplishments:
Personal Record, Dublin Snowflake 5K, Trent S.
1st in Age group, Great Ohioan Duathlon, Lisa S.
1st in Age group, Columbus Winter 7.5 mile run, Jenni E.
2nd in Age group, Wendy's Duathlon, Lisa S.
Ironman Finisher, Tim E.
Personal Record, IronKids Triathlon, Delaney B.
Personal Record, Columbus Half Marathon, Kristi K.
Personal Record, Wendy's Triathlon, Mark M.
Personal Record, Rock & Roll Chicago Half Marathon, Jessica A.
Personal Record, Great Buckeye Sprint Triathlon, Jimmy K.
Personal Record, Minneapolis Duathlon, Jessica A.

Athlete Testimonials:
"I have been working with Tim for only four months and he has already had a big impact on my training, racing and overall health. I am a nutrition and exercise science major so I already have enough knowledge to train myself but Tim has found ways to challenge me and to get me to where I want to be come race day. He is there 24/7 and helps you whenever you need him - he always makes time for you. He makes you see the big picture and helps you find your goals in racing and in life. I have been injury-plagued most of this year and Tim has helped me get back from an injury and get a PR (Personal Record) in the next race. He changes the way you train and the way you think about your training. Tim impacts your life in many ways and will move mountains for you."
- Jimmy K.

"You have a great motivational power within you that is very contagious!"
- Shari M.

"Tim taught me to approach running as a lifestyle. He has been there for me every step of my journey from my first 5K to my marathon. When you discuss any concern you have, Tim doesn't just give you an answer, he explains the logic and science behind the answer. Tim truly understands the body and the decisions you need to make as an athlete - what separates Tim from typical training resources. When I hit those "walls" out on the pavement it's usually his words of encouragement in my mind that help me pull through to the finish line. He lives what he preaches and there will never be anything he asks you to do that he hasn't personally tried within his own training."
Jamie K.

"Tim has not only inspired me to set and achieve new goals with my training, but has also taught me how to apply these bits of knowledge to working out in general. I have learned many new insights to training, including how to set up a training schedule, the different types of training needed to complete a race, the components that are important for training like monitoring your heart rate and pace, and most importantly how to push myself while listening to my body and knowing my limits. I feel Tim also does a great job of listening to me and always making sure that my training plans coincide with my goals."
- Jessica A.

"Tims knowledge of training and the nutrition choices that go along with it has helped me to achieve goals that I never thought I could. Im stronger, more fit physically and mentally and healthier than I ever have been, thanks to him."
- Lisa S.

"I'm a believer - and you're a hell of a good coach and an even better person. Caring is great but without the knowledge to help, the caring only goes so far. Helping is great but without the caring, the helping isn't as likely to stick. Put them both together like you do and it's quite an awesome combination. Thanks so much!"
- Trent S.

"When I decided to run my first half marathon in the Spring of 2011, I knew I needed some quality guidance to help me reach my goals. When I met Tim I was immediately impressed by his enthusiasm and knowledge of the sport. He brings to his clients the same passion and level of dedication that he applies to his own training. He is conscientious of each athletes abilities and training sessions are planned accordingly. With Tim’s structured training, I quickly noticed huge improvements in my running. His availability to answer any and all of my questions was nearly unlimited. Tim was truly excited for my accomplishments and continued to push me harder and supported me when I need it most. His dedication to my success was beyond my expectation. I felt confident going into my race knowing that Tim had covered all the details and fully prepared me for race day. With Tim’s guidance and encouragement, I have not only reached, but surpassed my goals. If you want to achieve your absolute best in your sport then you can’t go wrong by choosing Tim Barrett as your coach."
- Jenni E.

"I appreciate my coach, Tim, who I think was more into this than I was on some days. His passion is contagious."
- Tim E.

"In 7th grade I was told by a specialist that I would not be able to continue running in basketball due to growth plates in my knees that closed too quickly. Ten years have passed and with the proper arch support and Tim's coaching and inspiration, people now refer to me as "a runner." Running has become a large part of who I am and I will always push myself to improve and achieve my personal goals because of training with Tim.
- Jamie K.

"Thanks for all your positive feedback, advice and motivation! I had a blast and would never have run the pace I did without training with you!"
- Kristi K.

"I think that Tim Barrett would be a great teacher for kids that want to be an Ironkid! I also think he is really kind and helps out all his clients with lots of training. Someday I will want to be a teacher like him and help people like he does." - Delaney B.