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I would like to offer you my passion and dedication as a teacher, my knowledge in sport, and my experience as a student of learning. I am a USAT Level I am a Certified Coach, a USAT Certified Youth & Junior Coach, and hold the highest degrees in teaching, teacher education, sport science and sport psychology. My knowledge and skills of “what to teach” and “how to teach” converge to help you learn and achieve your goals. What makes me an effective coach is my deep understanding of the teaching-learning process and my limitless pursuit to help others succeed. 

As an athlete, I am a 6-time Ironman Finisher, qualified for the USAT Olympic-Distance National Championship, a marathoner, and endurance athlete. I hold a doctorate in Physical Education Pedagogy (Teaching Effectiveness) and Sport Psychology (Applied Behavior Analysis). You can read about my perspective on Mental Toughness in this USAT magazine Article. and gain some Mental Rehearsal strategies in my article "The Power of One Mind" published in the USAT Multisport Zone.

My 19 years of teaching experience includes being a professor at The Ohio State University, the University of Louisville, and California State University. I also have taught public school physical education and special education. I have coached a variety of sports and ages, ranging from a 7 year-old IronKid to multiple Personal Record (PR) holders in Half and Full Marathons and Ironman Triathlons.

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